Thailand Family Lawyer

Are you looking for a family lawyer in Thailand who can make your case strong and ensure that you get the best possible remedies? Our family lawyers in Thailand can deal with almost every kind of family law case, and they make sure to keep our client’s requirements into consideration always. Keep on reading to find out what a family lawyer actually does.

What Does a Family Lawyer Do?

The scope of family law is wide, therefore there are a variety of areas that a family lawyer must be familiar with in order to become a highly-skilled family lawyer in Thailand. Generally, family law is linked with family related to domestic issues, including divorce cases, child custody, and child support. It also requires a family lawyer to draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and to represent domestic violence victims in the court to ensure that they get the best possible relief.

How to Choose a Good Family Lawyer in Thailand?

There are some family lawyers in Thailand who have chosen a certain specialty in family law and only deal with those cases, such as adoption cases, while the others offer their legal advice in most areas of family law. In order to be a good family lawyer, one must acquire a wide set of skills, including negotiating and drafting of contracts, litigating complex contested matters, pleadings, and resolving disputes by protecting the legal rights of their clients. Moreover, a good family lawyer must have interpersonal skills and should be able to deal with emotional situations in a professional manner and also provide support to the client.

Our Areas of Expertise in Family Law

There are certain family law issues that stand out the most among others in Thailand, and we are honored to state that our family lawyers have the necessary experience and skills in dealing with such cases. The following are some of the areas of family law in which our family lawyers can provide their legal advice:

Divorce cases

Generally, there are two kinds of divorces that take place in Thailand i.e. contested and uncontested divorce. A non-contested divorce is also known as administrative divorce in Thailand and can be filed to a local district office. If both you and your spouse live in Thailand, and your marriage was registered in Thailand, then the best option for you is administrative divorce, especially if both of you have agreed on the terms of the divorce. However, if you and your divorcing spouse are unable to come to mutual terms regarding the divorce, then you can go for court divorce. There are twelve grounds that can be used by either of the spouses to initiate a court divorce in Thailand. Our family lawyers have the necessary experience and skills to deal with both kinds of divorces in Thailand.

Child custody cases

Child custody is another disputed matter that tends to arise during divorce cases for which you will need the help of a family lawyer. These disputes can also arise between parents who are not married. According to the law of Thailand, both the lawful parents have equal rights and responsibility for their child; however, the court can change the custodial rights of parents through an order or a divorce settlement agreement. If you want to protect your child custody rights, then get in contact with our experienced family lawyers who have dealt with several disputed child custody cases in Thailand.

Adoption cases

The Child Adoption Center of the Department of Welfare (DPW) solely deals with adoption in Thailand. It must be noted that there are no private adoption organizations in Thailand that can legally process and manage adoption cases in Thailand. It must be noted that there is a legal process that must be followed to adopt a child in Thailand for which you will require the assistance of a family lawyer. Furthermore, there are certain requirements under the law of Thailand that parents must meet in order to adopt a child. To make sure that you and your spouse have a strong application and meet with all the requirements to adopt a child in Thailand, get in contact with our family lawyers who have assisted several couples in adopting children.

Child abduction cases

Child abduction cases are also famous under the ambit of family law in Thailand. These cases are also known as “child kidnapping”, in which one of the parents flees with the child in order to not allow the other parent enjoy the lawful custody of the child. A dispute over jurisdiction arises when the parent flees to another country, and in such situations, international treaties prove to be useful. Thailand has signed the Hague Treaty of Child Abduction and also has several domestic laws that can provide legal remedies for child abduction cases. Our family lawyers also go the “extra mile” to make sure that our clients win their child abduction cases.

Prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement helps in the division of assets and alimony in divorce cases that take place in Thailand. However, in the non-availability of such an agreement, the courts can help to divide the assets and alimony between divorcing spouses. Our family lawyers have the skills to draft both domestic and international prenuptial agreements for our clients. We have provided our services to several domestic and international clients and made sure to follow the proper procedure so that the prenuptial agreement remains valid in all nations.

Get in Contact With Our Family Lawyers in Thailand!

Our family lawyers have years of experience in dealing with contested matters of family law in Thailand. It must be noted that we have provided legal advice to both Thai and international clients, so if you are wondering if a non-Thai national can approach us, then let us tell you that they can! If you are also looking for a family lawyer in Thailand, then please get in contact with us, so that our skilled professionals can look into your matter and come up with strong arguments to fight your case to get your required relief from the Thai courts.